County Building Committee Reviews Completed Courthouse Work

CourthouseTourWork on the HVAC system at the Knox County Courthouse is now done.

The County’s Building Committee used last night’s meeting as an opportunity to tour the site and review the final product.

A large share of the installation was completed during the winter months: something that caused many county employees to wear coats and gloves at their desks.

Details have recently been worked out to better control temperatures throughout the courthouse.

County Board member Rollie Paulsgrove tells WGIL he’s pleased with the end result.

“I’m just happy that a local contractor got it,” says Paulsgrove. “It appears as though everybody is on board with the system now and what we’ve done, I think the Building Committee, our engineering firm, they took their time to make sure we got what we paid for.”

The remaining “change orders” for the project – which detail alterations in the initial contract – were less than 2-percent of the $1.8-million project. Paulsgrove tells WGIL that the changes were kept to a minimum.

“Normally you can look to a 6, 8, 10-percent cost overrun just on things that pop-up,” says Paulsgrove. “Something that they can find in an old building like this, but to have less than 2-percent, it helps our financial picture out a lot.”

That figure is considered less than the anticipated overruns by the County.

Final payments for the project are expected to be approved during this month’s Knox County Board meeting.

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