County Union Proposes Insurance Option

Knox County SealThe labor union representing the Knox County Highway Department says it may be able to save Knox County on insurance costs.

The option would allow all County employees to sign-up for insurance provided through Laborer’s Local 538.

Union member Dustin Steck tells WGIL they brought the proposal forward due to problems with the current insurance.

“This would take all the liability off the County and then they could budget those insurance prices every year and not have to worry about a year with major claims and so forth,” says Steck.

While single coverage through the union would cost the same, the deductible would be lessened.

The savings, however, are about $180 less per month on the family plan – something Knox County Treasurer Robin Davis says may be attributable to less attractive coverage.

She tells WGIL the County is self-insured and it provides employees a say in the premium costs.

“If you would go to a plan like this, or even go back to being fully insured, you have no control of the costs and anything.  If the claims are less than the premiums, then you don’t build a reserve,” says Davis.

Even so, officials in the County say they have begun looking into the option.

Among the key challenges is a possible violation of the Affordable Care Act which requires employers to provide coverage with a staff of 30 or more.

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