Knox County Tourism Council Continues To Collect Data on Visitors

Members of the Knox County Tourism Council have been working to bring in more people to the city.

There’s been talk of ways to attract visitors from adding new hotels, new attractions and better advertising.

In an effort to direct that advertising toward the right audience, Tourism Director Bill Morris told the board of a new survey.

“Basically we’re going to keep these surveys available in all the hotels for the foreseeable future and collect as much data from individuals: where they’re from, whatever they’re willing to share with us,” says Morris. “Why they came to Galesburg, whether it be business, or pleasure, and where they ate.”

Morris says it’s a basic ten question survey that has a QR Code that can take visitors right to the website.

Or they can physically type in the web address to get to the survey. Morris says they’re really looking to hone their advertising to the demographic that is lacking or is working.

The survey cards will be ready to go in time for Railroad Days.

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