Man Arrested For Theft After Heard In Mall Ceiling

IL-GalesburgPDGalesburg Police responded to Sandburg Mall on Sunday night after being notified of sounds coming from the ceiling.

An employee at the mall said she was exiting the building, but felt the need to go back inside for unspecified reasons. That’s when the employee allegedly heard the rustling. At that point, the head of mall maintenance was called along with police.

Once on scene, officers noticed the vehicle of 30-year-old Steven Nance in the parking lot.

After entering the mall, police say they allegedly saw an individual poke their head out. That’s when Nance was located and, due to outstanding warrants, was arrested.

Nance said he was an employee at the mall, but according to the police report, he allegedly had ceiling insulation on his shirt.

He was searched incident to arrest where officers allegedly found several deposit envelopes in his pocket.

According to the police report, around $700 was found in the deposits.

The employee who called police said they had set up additional cameras in the mall due to about $3-thousand going amiss during the month of May.

Nance is being charged with theft over $500 and burglary.

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