Health Department Administrator Resigns Position; Interim Administrator Named

(Heidi Britton. Photo from Knox County Health Department.)

The Knox County Board of Health Thursday night accepted the resignation of Administrator Heidi Britton.

Britton will now become the CEO of Northwest Michigan Health Services in Traverse City.

During last night’s meeting, the Board approved Michele Fishburn as interim Administrator.

Fishburn, who has worked at the health department for 15 years, tells WGIL there are several grant and budgetary projects that need to be prepared.

“Obviously if they’re funded, we’ll be moving forward with those and be coaching them on what needs to be done there,” says Fishburn. “They may need some integration on what an FQHC is. Obviously some of the programs are starting up with their new grant year so there will be new budgets to integrate people into and just getting to know everybody.”

Britton started at the health department in 2009 where she was previously at the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District.

Under her leadership, Britton was able to earn the health department numerous grants and implemented other educational opportunities for community members.

She tells WGIL the Health Department is in great standing.

“It is definitely with mixed emotions very bittersweet to be leaving this health department, it’s definitely a jewel of this community and to see how it’s grown over the last 20 years is pretty amazing,” says Britton.

She says the partnerships the Health Department has built over the last several years stands out among her accomplishments.

A search committee has been created to find a permanent Administrator for the Knox County Health Department.

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