Moffitt Doesn’t Support Budget

Don MoffittDifficult, and disappointing in a lot of ways.

That’s how 74th District State Representative Don Moffitt describes the recently-ended legislative session, especially as it relates to the crafting of a state budget.

The Gilson Republican says he voted “no” on the budget that was passed, feeling there wasn’t much that was realistic about the spending plan.

Moffitt tells the WGIL Evening News lawmakers tried to play shell games of sorts with the budget at the last minute, changing revenue estimates that lawmakers had originally agreed to work with up to a number exceeding $35 Billion.

“I’m not sure that that money is really there,” Moffitt said.  “But the estimate — to make it a balanced budget — was increased.  And I voted for the original estimate; I thought it was realistic — $34.4 Billion.  So, a new estimate was passed.  Also, there’s $650 million borrowing in the plan, that at some point will need to be paid back.  I don’t consider that a solid budget.”

Moffitt says not in a veto session, but instead in a lame duck session after the November election, it’s likely a temporary income tax increase will be discussed being made permanent.

Moffitt says while he doesn’t necessarily support the increase, he does want there to be a discussion on it — but not during a lame duck session.

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