Local Share of Knoxville Construction Completed

All the funding for the new Knoxville High School addition is in place.

That’s according the Superintendent Steve Wilder, who says the board of education approved selling series 2014 bonds for $2.5-million. Wilder says approving the issuance completes the district’s last part of the local funding needed for the project, which was part of the plan since day one.

Wilder tells WGIL the board of education approved the measure without any questions.

“It was pretty straight forward just because we’ve been talking about it for so long,” says Wilder. “Just getting the final approval last night has been about a two month process and we’ve been planning for that for, you know, a year-and-a-half, two-years. So not much discussion last night, the board knew exactly where we were at and what we were doing.”

Wilder says a portion of the monies from the sale of the 2014 series bonds will be held in escrow.

He says the money will then be used to pay off series 2007 debt so they can solely focus on the bond issuance that was just approved Monday night.


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