Schematic Design for New Library Finalized

It’s been a year in the making, but during a meeting with FEH Architects community members, and members of the Galesburg Library board of trustees got to see the final design for the new library.
The two-floor building will have several meeting rooms and a cafe as well as a number of other perks such as allowing public access to the meeting rooms during non-library hours.
From the beginning FEH has asked the community to help them create what would be Galesburg’s newest library. They’ve were asked from day one what they wanted to see in their library.
Architect Gregg Baum tells WGIL the community has played an important role throughout the entire design process.

“They’ve refined how the library functions and works through a great extent on the inside of the building. The exterior been really decided on [by] the historic district and what really needs to be, but their involvement really has shaped the inside of the functional layout.”

Now that the schematic design has been completed Baum says they’re in a holding pattern until the board of trustees are able to raise the funds needed to build the library.
That means until the board hears from the state about possible grant money nothing more will be done and the design cannot move forward.


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