Schilling Talks Veterans Health Care

Bobby SchillingFormer Congressman and current Congressional candidate Bobby Schilling doesn’t buy his opponent’s assertion about how she came to the decision that now-former Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki should resign.

Schilling criss-crossed the 17th District yesterday talking with media outlets and editorial boards, and says 17th District Incumbent Cheri Bustos’ claim that she waited for the initial results into an investigation of Shinseki and allegedly-long wait times at VA health centers. She was refuting an earlier Schilling claim she waited for polls and politics.

Schilling tells WGIL Bustos didn’t need to wait.

“If you just look at the facts that were already out there, you know, we were spending more money, we had a VA that this guy was over that was corrupt, they were hiding files and the proper thing to do was to get that guy out of there,” says Schilling. “He’s an honorable man, he served the country well, but he could not lead the VA and I believe that she waited until he was pretty well done and got a green light to go ahead and step aside.”

Bustos claimed recently in Galesburg that veterans told her they’re getting great care from the Iowa City VA center, and its Galesburg clinic office.  In response, Schilling said “you’d have to ask a veteran if they think waiting 45 days to get service is okay.”

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