Orpheum Operating in Red, But Head Says No Cause for Concern

Orpheum TheatreThe head of Galesburg’s Orpheum Theatre says finances are on the upswing, as changes he’s making are starting to take hold.

Executive Director Kevin Maynard told the Knox County Civic Center Authority Board yesterday for the first five months of the year, the theatre took an approximately $30,000 loss.

But Maynard says even though May is counted in that figure, May is also where the theatre should start to rebound.

“Basically, May is kind of the beginning of where the big change starts,” Maynard said.  “Up until May, actually in April, there were shows that had already been booked prior to my arrival, and prior to kind of restructuring our season, our year, kind of our business plan.  Up through then, we had a lot of really expensive shows.”

Maynard has said the next crop of “Red Carpet Series” of shows should not be as expensive to host, but still be good enough to bring people into the theatre.

He was planning on announcing that list this month, but Maynard now says he’ll do it in July, once bugs in the theatre’s new ticketing system have been completely worked out.

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