Negotiations for New Teachers Contract Over, District 276 Approves New Contract

It took nine months, but after several negotiations between the Abingdon-Avon school district and the teachers association an agreement was reached.
During a vote yesterday afternoon, teachers voted to ratify their contract with the district.
According to a press release from the district, the Abingdon-Avon Teachers Association quote “Overwhelming voted” for the measure.
Superintendent Chad Willis tells WGIL the nine month negotiation process had a lot to do with the combining of two districts.

“Anytime you have negotiations of a start-up, consolidation there’s just a lot of variety of issues and items that need to be discussed and thought though to make sure that it meets the needs of both parties. We feel we’ve done that and [we’re] looking forward to working together collaboratively.”

The contract was ratified for 5 years, something both the association and the district pushed for.
Willis says he believes that both parties we pleased with the contract.
The board of education unanimously approved the contract through 2018.

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