City Council to Begin Budget Preparations

galesburgThe budget process will start this afternoon as far as the City of Galesburg is concerned.  The budget will not need to be adopted until the end of this calendar year, but the City Council has previously made their intentions known to budget well in advance.

Several meetings with a consultant last year resulted in a document that may act as a guide for this year’s budget process.

Those goals may lead to direct benefits, such as more specific priorities or longer term goals, such as increased population residing in the city.

City Manager Todd Thompson will likely show the City Council his revenue and cost projections for the next fiscal year.

Subsequent special meetings will be spent adapting the budget to work within those constraints.

The City Council this afternoon may also spend time discussing potential challenges faced as the budget process matures.

Prior to this afternoon’s meeting, the City Council will be discussing potential property acquisition – although details on those discussions have not been provided.

Today’s meeting begins at 1:00 at Galesburg City Hall.

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