Having Fun All Summer Long While Being Safe at the Same Time

When the weather turns warm and the days get longer, people tend to spend more time outside.

During the summer months, you tend to see people outside doing a variety of activities from camping to swimming and even everyday lawn work.

So far the spring and summer seasons have come with more rain than sunshine and that means more mosquitoes.

The Knox County Health Department’s Sam Jarvis tells WGIL’s “Galesburg Live” you always want to keep yourself protected whenever you’re outside – which means wearing the right clothing.

“Long sleeves, pants, socks just to cover any exposed area,” says Jarvis.

Jarvis says you want to use a repellent that contains DEET and he says when it comes to children, DEET is safe to use in smaller concentrations.

“10% probably being the best because of the concentration levels,” says Jarvis.

Jarvis also reminds people not to scratch their mosquito bites. He says scratching breaks the skin which can lead to possible infections.

According to Jarvis, mosquitoes tend to be most active in the early evening hours.

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