Housing Authority Focuses on Going Green

The Knox County Housing Authority board approved conducting a Green Physical Needs Assessment.

Housing Authority Executive Director Derek Antoine told the board the department is required to do a physical needs assessment every five years to set their missions, objectives, and goals for the housing authority.

Because of a pending rules change from the Department of Housing and Urban Development requiring a green physical needs assessment be complete, Antoine suggested the board approve taking care of that requirement to save money in the long run.

“That means we do a PNA this year and then the proposed rule becomes final next year we may be held to bring it into compliance so what we may be doing is double work,” says Antoine. “We may do a standard PNA now, and two years later when this proposal becomes final, we may do a GPNA to be compliant.”

Antoine also explained their cost will be around $6-thousand less because they’ve already done an energy audit.

He did say, however, waiting two years to do the Green PNA could also mean their energy audit will expire and their cost would increase.

The board approved the assessment for $28,500.

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