Ameren Invests Dollars in Mercer County Bulk Substation

(Submitted Photo)

FIRST REPORTED 3pm 6/25/14  Construction has begun on a new facility that may improve performance for Ameren customers.

The company recently announced they are investing nearly $9-million to building a bulk substation in New Windsor. Construction is the first step in a process to reduce voltage levels for enhanced safety in area homes.

Ameren Spokesperson Brian Bretsch tells WGIL that location will become pivotal in the delivery of power.

“The bulk substation is the first, if you will, location where the high voltage electricity is carried across the large interstate transmission lines,” says Bretsch. “It’s the first step in the process to reduce the voltage to a level that’s safe to be delivered to homes and businesses.”

Teams out of the Galesburg Operating Center will be working to construct the facility with an anticipated completion sometime next year. With the enhancements, should a power outage occur, the New Windsor facility is designed to create alternative pathways for energy. Bretsch tells WGIL that apart from unexpected weather, the project should be kept on track.

“The biggest portion has to be the delivery of the several ton transformer – which we moved into place and set on its footing last Thursday,” says Bretsch. “From there we will put a protective fence around it and from there we will building the infrastructure to get it up and running.”

Around 35-thousand man hours will be required during the project’s construction.

The work is part of a $3.5-billion investment Ameren is making over the next five years to improve reliability.

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