Monmouth City Council Approves Green Space Rezoning

The Romano building in Monmouth will likely be torn down after a decision by the Monmouth City Council last night.

Rezoning the site was considered after the Pattee Foundation in Monmouth made their intent known earlier this year to gift the space to the Buchanan Center for the Arts.

With approval given by the Monmouth City Council, the Buchanan Center now intends to make the area a public green space. Monmouth Zoning Director Joe Miller says there are actually multiple spaces being rezoned.

“The plan is to change the zoning of the Romano building, as well as all of west Broadway’s 100 block from B-1 downtown commercial to public service,” says Miller.

The site was recommended for a zoning change in May by the City’s Plan Commission on a 7-1 vote.

When the matter came to the Monmouth City Council earlier this month, it was tabled to ensure all of those affected were in agreement. Concerns were raised by adjacent businesses regarding the demolition. Monmouth Mayor Rod Davies says those concerns had opportunity to be addressed.

“After their expression of concern, there was a meeting the next day with all the parties involved and I think their questions were answered,” says Davies.

With the rezoning, work can begin with statues and other art decorating the space.

The Council gave approval with two abstentions.

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