Camp Kidz Offers Abridged Service This Summer

The creators of Camp Kidz, a camp for kids with mental and physical disabilities, run through KCCDD, weren’t sure they’d be able to provide camp services this summer.

Over the years, incoming donations were becoming less and expenses were increasing. KCCDD’s Mark Rudolph was almost positive Camp Kidz was going to be on hold for some time. But, thanks to bake sales and hard work from their supporters, and a donor out of Peoria, Rudolph says they were able to offer some camp outings.

Rudolph tells the WGIL Morning News that traditionally, Camp Kidz was held on KCCDD’s Campus, but they’re trying something new.

“Community based opportunity, the kids are going to be out there a little bit more doing a little bit more things that maybe that haven’t had a chance to do on it,” says Rudolph. “We’re always up for ideas, this may turn out to be something that we can do more throughout the year, but for now we wanted to offer something for the summer.”

Some of the places the camp will be going to are the Discovery Depot, the movies, Camp Big Sky and a even a picnic out at Lincoln Park that comes up next week.

Rudolph says there are still some spots open for kids to sign-up and parents are encouraged to come to the events with their kids, if possible.



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