Man Confronted After Taking Pictures of Children, Later Arrested

6-25-14 Kerry CoxGalesburg Police have arrested a Galesburg man for disorderly conduct after he is accused of taking pictures of children near Lake Storey over the weekend.

According to the police report, a man and his family confronted 57-year-old Kerry Cox after the man allegedly spotted him taking photos of women and children. The victim contacted police to provide a vehicle description and made a Facebook post about the incident.

Later that day, the subject vehicle matching the one belonging to Cox was allegedly located in the 1-thousand block of West Main Street in Galesburg, leading the victim to confront the man about the incident.

A video of the confrontation was made and posted to Youtube. A copy of the video was provided to Galesburg police.

During the confrontation, the victim asked to see Cox’s digital camera, where the victim is alleged to have found pictures of his children.

Police say there have been multiple complaints fielded involving Cox allegedly filming in parks, one of which involved two individuals engaging in sexual intercourse in their vehicle at Lake Storey.

Around 2 a.m. Wednesday, Cox was arrested for disorderly conducted without incident. He was advised by police that returning to the area near Lake Storey would constitute trespassing.

The arrest was made after a petition on the website “” was started. Galesburg Police said they were unaware of the petition prior to Cox’s arrest.

Galesburg Police Captain Rodney Riggs says it is legal to take photos in public parks and that patrons “don’t have an expectation of privacy.”

Riggs did say, however, that photographers should first ask permission before taking photos.

The Police Department is reminding citizens that if an unwanted incident is occurring, not to take matters into your own hands, but to first contact Galesburg Police.

An investigation into Cox is continuing.

Here is the video of an alleged victim confronting Cox:

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