Subjects Moving Items Confronted by Armed Man

IL-GalesburgPDGalesburg Police are said to have initially told a man there was nothing they could do.

That allegedly didn’t stop 57-year-old David Riggins from driving to a residence in the 500 block of Clark Street.

Riggins is accused of taking unwanted photos of three men he claims were illegally removing items from the home.

When one of the men asked Riggins what he was doing, he asked them the same question before removing a firearm from a holster in his vehicle.

According to the police report, Riggins is alleged to have told the victims “I have a right to kill you.”

Police arrived on scene, but not before Riggins is alleged to have put the weapon back in his car.

Officers ordered those at the scene to put their hands up. Riggins was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after the firearm was spotted in the vehicle.

He allegedly told police that one of the victims had charged him – explaining why he retrieved the gun, but said he never intended to use the weapon.

He was later booked at the Knox County Jail.

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