Water Fights Return to Railroad Days

6-29-14 Water FightsA friendly competition among local firefighters — and one that was a part of Railroad Days in the past, was part of the festival’s comeback of sorts this year.

The Galesburg Fire Department hosted water fights between 13 teams representing a number of area fire departments yesterday. It was an event that Firefighters Union president Jeff Maher says fell by the wayside when many Railroad Days activities moved off of Main Street.

The goal was, using a fire hose, to try and push a bucket hanging on a wire 35 feet to a stop. It may sound hard, but Maher tells WGIL maybe not as hard as one would think.

“As far as controlling your [water] streams, it’s something we do in training all the time,” Maher said.  “This is, kind of, one way to use it in a more entertaining…while you’re using your a lot of your practical fire out skills, this is a lot more fun than when we’re responding to calls.”

Maher tells WGIL the fire department was happy to help make the Main Street comeback.

“Coming back to Main Street, it’s great,” Maher said.  “We’re trying to restore some of that tradition.  Dennis did a really good job with it this year.”

Maher refers to Railroad Days festival committee chair Dennis Clark.

In addition to the firefighters water fights, a bucket brigade competition was set up for local children.

Funds also were raised for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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