District 205 Appoints New Curriculum Director

(Tammie Bolden. Photo from www.sps186.org)

A job that was being handled by the District 205 Superintendent has added a new face.

During last week’s Galesburg Board of Education meeting, Tammie Bolden out of Springfield was announced as the district’s new Curriculum Director.

Bolden was previously a Principal at Grant Middle School in the state capital, but says curriculum has become her expertise.

She is in the process of completing her dissertation at the University of Illinois and hopes to receive her Ph. D. next year.

Bolden tells WGIL raising student achievement is among her goals.

“I’m a data-oriented person,” Bolden said.  “I just like to utilize data, get people together, to collaborate, form teams to solve problems,” Bolden said.  “I think the expertise is also here among the administration, among the teachers, among the families, and communities — just get everyone together to formulate a plan and improve the data.”

When Superintendent Bart Arthur was hired to his current position, he was coming from the curriculum director’s slot and showed his intent to perform both jobs.

The district, at the time, was facing financial constraints due to stagnant revenue and a lack of payments from the state of Illinois.

Apart from working in Springfield, Bolden was a teacher in the Dallas, Texas public schools system.

Bolden says there is a bit of a learning curve, but says the District 205 staff has been helpful thus far.

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