UPDATE: Charges Not Being Filed in Stabbing Incident

IL-GalesburgPDCharges are not being filed in connection with a reported stabbing incident Monday.

UPDATE:  Since this story was originally published, we’ve learned that charges are not being filed in the incident.  However, the Knox County State’s Attorney says an investigation continues.


A man made contact with Galesburg Police on Monday after he was allegedly cut with a knife in several locations.  Officers spoke with the victim, who initially refused to say who had stabbed him. Due to the nature of the situation, police knocked on the door of the residence on West Third Street before kicking the door in.

Police say they located 30-year-old Jaime Mahnesmith in the home along with two children. Although the children told police they did not witness the incident, they did say they allegedly heard an argument take place.

According to the police report, the argument started when the victim explained he had a desire to see his child.

Investigators say the victim explained the stabbing incident happened when Mahnesmith allegedly grabbed a knife that was lying out.

Police allegedly observed cuts to the victim’s left bicep, and right forearm and collarbone. Two additional wounds were located on the victim’s left thigh, one of which was a cut about three inches long.

Medical treatment was provided.

Due to evidence at the scene and witness information provided, Mahnesmith was arrested.

She is facing charges of aggravated domestic battery in the case.

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