New Athletic Facility Cardio Room Not Just for Work Outs

District 205 officials have decided to take a matter to the full school board regarding the instillation of a television and sound system in the new Athletic Facility cardio room.

The buildings and grounds committee met to discuss the idea of using the rooms as more than just a workout room for students, but as a hosting space for the district. But according to Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations David Black, in order to host events they’d like to have equipment to enhance that space.

Black tells WGIL the events could be held during sporting events while providing a more intimate setting.

“The athletic boosters could have an event for the families and for the inductees there in that room and it would be a nice venue to oversee the game, hear the game and look and see it on t.v., but it would be a little catered event,” says Black.

Black says when they hold hall-of-fame induction events, people come from all over to see their family and they want to provide a good experience.

The district is looking at an extra $20-thousand in costs and a final decision will have to be made by the full board.


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