Police Stepping Up Drunk Driving Enforcement

Those looking to have a little too much fun during the Fourth of July holiday weekend can expect a bit more oversight.

The Galesburg Police Department, in conjunction with Illinois State Police and the Knox County Sheriff’s Department, will be stepping up enforcement efforts.

A focus will be placed on both drunk driving and wearing seat belts in the area. The extra patrols are being funded through the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Galesburg Police Lieutenant Russ Idle tells WGIL the Police Department has a strong interest in keeping the public safe.

“The best way to do that, for us, is to educate the public on safe driving habits and to also increase enforcement activities during that time to encourage motorists to drive safely,” says Idle.

According to a press release, the enforcement efforts have already started, but will run through July 6th.

Because holiday events often lead to alcohol consumption, Galesburg Police are encouraging residents to designate a safe driver. Idle tells WGIL that the program has been ongoing for several years.

“We simply hire officers to come back and go out on the street to work purely traffic related activity associated with safe driving habits,” says Idle. “As far as success goes, we’re seeing a number of citations and arrests resulting from this grant.”

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, the average DUI costs about $16-thousand in fines, fees, and other expenses.

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