Good News Comes to Library Regarding State Library Grant

All that was known was the Galesburg Public Library was approved as a carryover project for a possible state library grant.

After months of what Library Director Harriett Zipfel calls extremely hard work by the Library’s Board of Trustees in obtaining the matching funds needed for the grant, she shared with the board some much needed good news.

“I am very pleased to announce that the Galesburg Public Library has moved in position from number 14 to number 4 in line for the library construction grant,” says Zipfel.

However, the news comes with a slight down side, as at this time no money has been allocated for any library projects.

Zipfel says both candidates for Governor have said they have a Capital Construction bill, but little-to-no details have been released regarding what those bills might include.

She says it’s important for those who support the library and their efforts to construct a new building to contact their local legislators asking them to take the matter to Springfield and push for money to be allocated for a library construction grant.


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