Having Fun with Fireworks While Being Safe

Imported Photos 00012You really can’t have a Fourth of July without having a few fireworks.

There are a number of fireworks out there from the tame to the explosive, but in the state of Illinois without being certified you really have to stick to sparklers, glow worms, or what’s known as novelty fireworks.

But despite the laws every year people shoot off bottle rockets, firecrackers and a number of other items that can cause major injury.

However, when dealing with fireworks no matter what kind there’s always a risk of injury and Galesburg Fire Marshal Dan Foley tells WGIL’s Galesburg Live fireworks burn very hot and can do damage is a split second.

“The sparklers can be — even those — are fun but can be dangerous,” Foley said.  “They burn at 1,200 degrees.  A lot of folks say ‘As long as I keep my kids with me…’ well, it’s too late once they touch that iron rod to their eye or to their friend’s skin.”

Foley says one good rule to follow is to keep sparkles and other fireworks out of the hands of children 12 and younger.

Sparklers and other novelty fireworks cannot be shot off on public property and always have a water bucket on scene to place sparkler when finished.


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