Knife Possession Leads To Altercation

IL-GalesburgPDPolice were called to the Broadview Lounge on Galesburg’s Public Square on Wednesday to a report of a subject with a knife.

Once officers were on scene, the bartender at the location handed them the knife.

According to the police report, the bartender heard a commotion just off the women’s bathroom and noticed 25-year-old Joshua Hasselbacher fighting bar patrons.

The bartender told police she allegedly had previous problems with Hasselbacher bringing knives into the location.

Investigators made contact with the victim of the fight, who said that he confronted Hasselbacher when he noticed he was standing in the hallway holding a knife behind his back.

Being told to leave allegedly caused Hasselbacher to throw the knife into the stairwell and attack the victim. No injuries were reported.

Police described the knife as a 5-inch blade with black electrical tape. During questioning, Hasselbacher said he didn’t remember much about the incident.

He is facing charges of carrying and displaying weapons and fighting in the case.

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