Galesburg Celebrates Fourth of July

BigBangFireworksA countdown was echoing from the crowd gathered at Lake Storey in Galesburg Friday night, but not before hundreds arrived to partake in Independence Day celebrations.

Once the skies in Galesburg turned dark, things started lighting up with color as part of the Big Bang Boom fireworks show. The event has become an annual tradition, but many area residents say they enjoyed spending time with friends and family on the holiday.

Last night’s event was one of many Fourth of July activities being hosted around Knox County.

Galesburg resident Evan Huff has been attending the Big Bang Boom for most of his life. He tells WGIL the event keeps him in touch with his acquaintances.

“My older siblings have kids and they don’t have time anymore to go do stuff like this,” says Huff. “I thank God for the friends that I have that are always willing to go and try something new and have fun and it’s just the environment here, I love lots of people and seeing people I know that I haven’t seen in a long time and it’s one of the most popular things in Galesburg, bay far.”

City departments and volunteers worked to ensure safety during Galesburg’s show. While the fireworks were a large part of last night’s festivities, those in attendance say expressing their sense of patriotism also has meaning.

Galesburg resident Carol Marshall tells WGIL her family has used the event as a gathering for several years now.

“It’s a good opportunity to pay respect to our history and pay respect to the troops that currently serve,” says Marshall. “I have several military members in my family, my cousin who’s in the service, my brother who’s in the Navy, so it’s a good way to pay homage too.”

While many in attendance chose to swim or prepare food, others say they were just out celebrating the nation’s independence.


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