Volunteer Efforts Continue To Battle River Rise

Populated areas along the rivers in western Illinois are still working to prevent flooding in the area.

The Village of Oquawka asked for volunteers earlier this week to bring shovels and help prepare sandbags to fortify the levee. Oquawka is the site of a water treatment facility for the City of Galesburg.

Intense storms near the end of June have created an environment of rising river levels and potential flooding along many river towns.

Oquawka Village Trustee Nancy Bundy tells WGIL that volunteers have been able to keep up with the flooding challenges.

“We had some wonderful volunteers helping to sandbag from other communities and also from our town, and we’re doing really good, we’re able to keep up,” says Bundy. “We do have some problem areas, but we’re keeping them under control.”

Those problem areas include keeping the roadway over a levee safe for driving conditions, in addition to preventing water from breaching them.

Predictions about cresting in the river have also remained a problem as rains over the weekend may be presenting new challenges to Henderson County.

For the time being, City employees will continue to monitor the situation until the environment improves.


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