Building Committee Discusses Revenue for Courthouse Repairs

The Knox County Courthouse may have had a major phase recently completed, but there are still projects to undertake.

During Tuesday night’s Knox County Building Committee meeting, members considered the potential for a more permanent revenue source.

Committee Chair George Knapp says new considerations for revenue are needed and may have the support of County Board Chair Greg Bacon.

“We have to come up with a steady income into that fund because otherwise we’re going to end up with a big bill for a lot of this, we’re going to have to keep repairing it as we go,” says Knapp.

A new HVAC system was recently completed and toured at the courthouse after months of work. Now, repairs to plastering, plumbing, electrical wiring, and a fire escape stairwell are being considered as potential future projects.

The County is currently rolling over an additional fee applied at the Knox County Landfill to pay for the work.

Committee member Rollie Paulsgrove says those Landfill funds being used for the projects were designed to be temporary.

“If only a certain amount was what we determined was what we were would take, only x amount of dollars, it’s not supposed to be a continual draw on it and I won’t support continually drawing away from it,” says Paulsgrove. “You can only take from it for so long and I’m not comfortable doing it anymore.”

The recommendation comes through a Life Safety survey conducted on the Courthouse by architects at Klingner and Associates.

A more permanent source of revenue could be applied in the future to continue those efforts as Landfill funds are expected to expire later this year.

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