Discussion Light on Medical Cannabis Changes

Medical cannabis could soon be allowed in Galesburg, but few insights were gained during Monday night’s City Council meeting.

The ordinance, making the cultivation and dispensing of cannabis a legal use under City zoning ordinances, was on first reading last night.

The City of Galesburg proposed the change to accommodate a state law allowing for the consumption of cannabis as treatment for certain medical ailments.

Third Ward Alderman Russell Fleming tells WGIL he hasn’t heard much from constituents on the issue.

“Instead of just everyplace alls, except Galesburg, Galesburg would also be in the running for the dispensing and growing of medical marijuana,” says Fleming. “To me, it makes economic sense to have the zoning in place.”

Should the ordinance be adopted, cultivation centers would largely be limited to outlying manufacturing areas.

The City’s Planning and Zoning Commission made the recommendation last month, albeit, not unanimously. Because state law prevents running cannabis related businesses within 2,500 feet of a school, space for operations could be limited to the City’s periphery.

Fifth ward Alderman Peter Schwartzman tells WGIL this is one of those issues that gets a lot of interest.

“It’s going to look pretty much like a warehouse does, today,” says Schwartzman. “If it creates jobs and brings economic value to this community, I think we’d be silly to not pursue it.”

The City Council will be voting on the matter at their meeting later this month.

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