Galesburg Police Officer Makes Department History

20140708_100057A longtime Galesburg Police Officer will be keeping some of her duties while adding some new ones — all as she becomes the first female officer in the department’s history to attain the rank of Sergeant.

Officer Steffanie Cromien took an oath today to become Sergeant, administered by Galesburg Police and Fire Commission Chairperson David Guenther. Cromien was next on the promotional list after Sergeant Bob Schwartz left the department last Friday.

Cromien will help oversee the department’s Staff and Services department, but tells WGIL she will continue to be the city’s DARE program officer, for now.

“I’m going to be extremely busy, but that’s okay.  I look forward to it,” Cromien said.  “I’m glad that we’re still going to be able to continue the [Drug Abuse Resistance Education] Program.  Hopefully we’re going to be able to replace [me] with somebody else in a few years, once they can get somebody trained.  I will be busy, but it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to.”

Cromien says she was initially excited to hear she’d be promoted to Sergeant, but after a conversation with Chief David Christensen and some captains, it became clear that making history would increase the excitement.

Christensen says he didn’t know at first the newest promotion in his department would be such a big deal.

“She did well on the testing,” Christensen said.  “Those that rated her, rated her top.  She was the logical choice for that.”

Christensen admits that even if there weren’t a promotional process to go through, Cromien likely would be the best choice for a promotion anyway.


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