Abingdon Cemetery Rules Could Be Changing

When you head out to the cemetery to visit a lost friend or family member, bringing flowers or trinkets to mark the grave is customary.

However, things out at the Abingdon Cemetery have gotten a little out of control, according to the mayor.  Based on a meeting with the cemetery committee, Mayor John DeJaynes says changes may be coming.

DeJaynes tells WGIL the placement of ornaments and flowers are making cemetery maintenance difficult.

“We’re having a problem with the people who are trying to mow…trying to weed eat around all the stuff,” DeJaynes said.  “[They have to] pick it up, and mow, and put it back, and it’s just time-consuming.  That might be a topic in the future.”

DeJaynes says they may start restricting where flowers and ornaments can be placed or when they can be placed on graves.

He says nothing has been decided and they’re still trying to gather opinions and ideas.

The idea to change the rules according to DeJaynes will be a hot topic and could cause some out cry from the public, but he says that’s something they’ll deal with down the road.

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