St. Augustine Mayor: Restaurant Not Currently Open

Club41A famous restaurant in St. Augustine is currently not open according to the town’s Mayor.

Club 41, located in southern Knox County, is facing a bit of a problem with their utility bill. The business has not paid their bill according to the town’s Mayor and is facing the possibility that their water service could be turned off.

Mayor David Schisler tells WGIL the company is just like any other person and the village can’t do much to help them.

“Not until we get a request, we cannot do anything until we get a request and he has not requested any form of help,” says Schisler.

Schisler did say he recently heard that the company owner was planning to pay the utility bill to continue services.

Calls to Club 41 over the last two weeks have not been returned.

Employees at the company, however, have been cited as posting on their Facebook pages that the business has closed.

Schisler says more than 10 employees would lose their job in the instance the company closes. He tells WGIL that St. Augustine got involved with the dispute Monday night.

“Their liquor license alone, what those two liquor licenses pays for us to have are: for us to not have our water bill so high, it pays for, like we bought a new truck here a couple years ago and based on those payments, we based the payments on those two liquor licenses,” says Schisler. “We’re not getting either one of them now, so we’re struggling now.”

Club 41 lost their liquor license earlier this year, but the Village of St. Augustine says they are unable to comment on the company’s ongoing talks with the state of Illinois.

St. Augustine says they have, in the past, been able to generate sizeable revenue from the company, and the closing of other companies in town hasn’t helped matters.

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