Youth Extra Effort Award Recognizes Achievements

The recognition continues for Savannah Ojeda.

She was recently named Knox County Fair Queen, but has also now been recognized for her efforts to the Galesburg community. Prior to Monday night’s City Council meeting, Ojeda was presented with the Youth Extra Effort Award.

She was recommended by a member of the Galesburg Police Department for her efforts with the Chemical Abuse Resistance Education program, among other things.

Ojeda says that keeping the right friend groups, and getting involved in your community, can often make the biggest differences.

“Our community has so much for the youth to do and get involved with and there’s so many organizations within school and outside of school so there’s so endless opportunities for students and youth to get involved,” says Ojeda.

Apart from her work in the CARE program, Ojeda participates in the Galesburg High School student council and Future Farmers of America club.

Ojeda says the news came as a shock to her. Members of the Galesburg Youth Commission said they were pleased with the selection.

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