Abingdon-Avon High School Science Classroom Renovations Delayed

Abingdon-Avon School District officials were told they have to wait just a bit longer before they could put bids out for renovations to the high school’s science labs.

The labs, which Superintendent Chad Willis says are not meeting the expectations of the district or teachers, will be gutted.

Willis told the Board of Education due to the busy summer schedule, the district is looking at getting bids out while school is already in progress.

“We’re going to get bids out probably Mid-September,” Willis said, “which means we will close the bids in early October.  In terms of realistic starting time, we’re looking at end of November or December before getting started.”

Willis says since the bids will be opened later in the year, students will have to switch classrooms when the renovations take place.

This, however, according to Willis shouldn’t be an issue because the state of the science labs are not any better than a regular classroom.

The project is projected to cost around $327,000, which Willis says the district is looking for donors to help with.  Anything not covered through donations will be picked up by the district.


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