Health Department Seeking New Grant To Continue Initiatives

The “We Choose Health Grant” will soon be coming to an end for the Knox County Health Department.

In order to be able to fund and continue some of those efforts started through that grant, a new CDC grant is now being sought.

The Knox County Health Department, along with seven other health departments, will be applying for the “Partnership to Improve Community Health” grant.

The three-year grant is designed to focus on chronic diseases but, should grant funds be received, the Health Department would use it to educate on tobacco and improve work site wellness.

Health Promotion and Wellness Director Erin Olson says that in order to maintain grant compliance, 75-percent of the areas’ population would need to be impacted.

“The tobacco portion of it is the one we all decided on first because we said ‘that’ll all be somewhat easy’ you can do a lot of tobacco stuff through media and advertising, through your schools, through physicians and doctors offices, so we’re looking at about 39-thousand [people] is what we’re going to have to hit,” says Olson.

That measurement of people drew questioning from the Board of Health, Thursday night.

The Health Department has been working on the application for the last couple of weeks. Should funds be granted, about $93-thousand could go to the Knox County Health Department in specific. Olson says the application included the projects they’re already undertaking.

“We gave them a lot of our ‘We Choose Health’ information we already have so it’ll be a really good way just to sustain and keep the work that we have going now with our complete streets and our work site and our tobacco free public places that we’re working on right now,” says Olson.

An announcement is expected to be learned in September of this year.

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