Rural Knox County Restaurant Officially Closed

Club41Weeks of rumors and financial problems have officially led to the demise of a rural Knox County eatery famous for its onion rings and other food over the years.

Club 41 announced on its Facebook page yesterday afternoon it is closed for good.

Repeated calls to the Club’s owners over the last several weeks by WGIL News went unreturned, but the closure comes after the Saint Augustine village board this week voted to shut the establishment’s water off if they didn’t pay the bill by yesterday.

Village president David Schisler told WGIL this week there wasn’t much the village could do, unless the owners requested help.

On its Facebook Page, Club 41 says, “Sad to announce that Club 41 is no longer in business. Thanks to all our loyal patrons.”

Commenters to that post largely said they were sad to see the over half-century-old eatery close, while at least one suggested you could get the same onion rings at a restaurant in Abingdon.

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