Monmouth Craft Brewery Expands on Hobby

What started as brewing out of their homes over the course of 20 years has now turned into a bit of a business venture.

Dr. Steve Murman and Brad Sturgeon just started selling their beer products at Market Alley Wines in Monmouth.

DeNovo Beverage of Monmouth, as it’s called, is a new addition to Monmouth and, at this time, can only make their beverages in 10 gallon increments.

Murman tells WGIL they had to go through a bit of a change in location earlier this year.

“The State has some very restrictive — but, as it turns out wise — rules with respect to keeping brewers and retailers and distributors separate, and it was in violation of that,” Murman said.  “That’s kind of why we changed.”

DeNovo believes they may be the first brewery in Monmouth since the historic Brewery Hill.

A pale ale, dry stout, wheat beer, and red ale will be available, but the company says they can make what catches their interests.

DeNovo received their licensing from the state in May of this year. Murman says product consumers have been pretty supportive thus far.

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