Peacekeepers Say the Efforts Need to Continue

A community organization created after the death of Javon Butler is struggling to keep it’s membership up.

The Peacekeepers, which came out of the gates with a decent membership, has 7-months after Butler’s death, seen a decrease in participation and interest. This, according to organizer and Peacekeeper John Hunigan tends to be a common trend after tragedies like the death of Butler and others.

But Hunigan tells the WGIL Morning News that he thinks the group has a slight image problem.

“There was a little bit of a misperception as far as like: what was Peacekeepers?” says Hunigan. “And some of the feedback I received was that we were a bit of an anti-open carry organization that we were trying to take people’s second amendment rights away and things like that.”

The group has tried to hold a community event out at Kiwanis Park on two separate occasions, including Sunday; however, both attempts have been cancelled due to a lack of participation and volunteers.

Hunigan says there is still fear that another shooting will claim the life of a youth, and that’s why the Peacekeepers are trying to organize these events.


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