Festival Liquor Ordinance Goes to City Legal Counsel

It’s been 14 months in the making, but thanks to the work of a festival ordinance subcommittee, the Galesburg Liquor Advisory Commission has sent its proposed liquor ordinance addition onto legal counsel.

The ordinance allows of a special events license to be issued to a civic, service, charitable, not-for-profit organization, or merchants’ association, who have a proper liquor license.

In order for the licenses to be issued the person requesting the license must meet specific criteria including having one person take responsibility for the event.

Commissioner Adam Vitale tells WGIL that includes having BASSET (Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training) certification training.

“BASSET certification is a State of Illinois-approved training program, in dealing with alcohol, and dealing with it on a responsible manner, and what to do if things go wrong,” Vitale said.  “It’s just kind of an overall, general training for a server.”

Vitale says the subcommittee felt having that provision in the ordinance was a must and the training can be found locally.

He says they wanted to have someone who’s trained properly at any event, which he says is becoming the trend in alcohol awareness and prevention.

The Galesburg City Council would have to give its final approval.

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