County Committee Recommends Non-Union Employee Raises

Employees of Knox County that aren’t represented by a union have been recommended for proportional raises.

Those employees were initially given a one percent raise – described as the figure the County initially brought to the union during this year’s negotiations.

Because the union contracts have largely been finalized at a 1.5-percent raise, the County has decided to bring those non-union employees in line with the other staff.

Finance Committee Chair Jeff Jefferson tells WGIL the change was anticipated.

“We knew we had some leeway in this,” Jefferson said.  “When we were negotiating, we knew that we were going to have to address the non-union personnel.  We kind of had planned and budgeted for that.”

The County has historically brought non-union employees in line with the raises their unionized counterparts receive.

The Finance Committee recommended the move to the full board.

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