Ordinance Changes Allow For Organizational Fundraisers

The Knox County Raffle Ordinance has been recommended for amendments.

The County’s Finance Committee said last night they want to allow for Poker Runs – a process that was made legal by Governor Pat Quinn earlier this month.

Poker Runs are a type of fundraiser that allows groups to travel from one spot to another, gathering cards with the implication that, just like poker, the best hand wins.

County Board Chair Greg Bacon says that the fees being charged had been changed from a previous conversation he had with the County Clerk’s office.

“We can charge anything we want,” Bacon said, “because ABATE passed this bill, and we had scheduled it a little higher than what they are now.”

Bacon was referring to the motorcycle education and advocacy group ABATE who helped push the matter through at the state level and has a hand in the approval at the County level.

The change in price almost caused the matter to stall during last night’s committee meeting.  Even so, the matter will come to the full board later this month.

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