Policy Changes Made to Water Bill Adjustments

In the past the City of Galesburg was able to adjust a resident’s water bill if they has a problem that caused some of their water to leak into the sewage lines.

With the proper facts and information, the city was able to adjust the bills with no issues, but the city no longer offers that service and refers residents to the Sanitary District.

However, Sanitary District Superintendent Steve Davis says the process he was using really wasn’t working and it was just making the problem worse.

“It was pretty arbitrary in some respects because we just simply don’t have the facts again a lot of the time like the City had,” says Davis. “I decline to give it and I told residents they could come in to do it with the board and so what we’ve seen is an increasing number of these things coming to the board.”

Ultimately the board decided to allow Davis to continue to make the adjustments, but capped the adjustments at 50-percent of a bill or $200.

They also agreed Davis has the right to deny any requested adjustment if the water leak or seepage is the fault of the homeowner or could have been prevented.


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