Abingdon Aldermen Leave Cemetery Rules In Place

Aldermen knew it wasn’t going to be a popular topic with residents, but something had to be done about the clutter at Abingdon Cemetery.

Cemetery maintenance staff have been working around ordainments and flowers placed on grave sites, making their jobs ten times harder according to the discussion at last night’s Abingdon City Council meeting. That led aldermen to consider implementing some news rules regarding placement of such items.

Mayor John DeJaynes tells WGIL some of the rules of the cemetery have not been enforced, but that’s going to change.

“It was decided last night that we already have rules in place and they’re going to be at the Sexton’s and he can determine which ones that need to be addressed and he’ll have the backing and full support of the council,” says DeJaynes.

DeJaynes says it’s a tough subject when dealing with the cemetery. He says they don’t want to make it hard on anyone when it comes to seeing and remembering their loved ones. But he says people have to be respectful of the area and do their part to keep the cemetery clean.

DeJaynes says if an area is messy, the Sexton can take the items in question and have a conversation with the person who’s in charge of keeping that headstone clean.

He says hopefully that’s as far as it has to go.


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