Area Projects Included in New Capital Bill

Governor Pat Quinn has signed a bill that means extensive road and bridge work in the immediate area.

Quinn signed legislation yesterday that would fund one-point-one billion dollars in capital construction statewide, along with a measure that would issue General Obligation Bonds to pay for it.

In a press release, the Illinois Department of Transportation says many roads and bridges statewide are in desperate need of repair, especially after the recent harsh winter.

Among local projects, the state says $5.5-million will be spent to replace the Interstate 74 bridges over Henderson Creek in Knox County.

A significant amount of money, however, is going to Henry County. Over $30-million will be spent to resurface 30 miles of Interstate 80 in Henry County, with another $17-million going to resurface Interstate 74 and I-80 in Henry County close to the Quad Cities.

Money from the state’s original capital construction bill several years ago is paying for the city’s three new rail crossing grade separations.

The state says work on many of the projects has begun, but otherwise, no timetable was given for their completion.

State Senators John Sullivan and Darin LaHood, and State Representatives Don Moffitt and Norine Hammond, voted in favor of the measure.

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