City Council Stalls Development Incentives

A developer that is seeking to construct a hotel on East Main Street in Galesburg will have to wait an additional two weeks for some perks.

Janko Group has plans to construct a Holiday Inn Express and Suites next to the existing Holiday Inn, but wants more than $1-million in TIF incentives to make the project happen.

The City of Galesburg believes it is currently lacking hotel space due to hotels shutting down, or other reasons.

One alderman, last night, asked whether restaurants could be attracted with the construction. Janko Group Managing Director Greg Spanos says it’s certainly a benefit to potential customers.

“That would be something that we would consider on another site in the area, but it can’t be accommodated on our site,” says Spanos.

Janko Group requested a suspension of the rules in order to move the project along.

That request was denied after Third Ward Alderman Russell Fleming voted against the suspension and due to five aldermen being present. Fleming says he’s against maneuver, not the project.

“I voted against this because it’s suspending the rules, it doesn’t mean that I’m against the enterprise zone expansion,” says Fleming. “There’s two weeks for constituents to get back to me. I might change my mind, but I doubt it.”

Should the project go through, construction would likely be started in the spring of 2015 with completion sometime in 2016.

Around 25 full-time jobs would be created in the process.

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