“Guys and Dolls” a Success with Audience and for Orpheum

Orpheum TheatreThe three night run of the Prairie Players Civic Theatre and Orpheum Theatre’s production of Guys and Dolls left audience members asking for more and telling those who hadn’t seen the show to go.

That word of mouth publicity according to theater Executive Director Kevin Maynard helped the Orpheum bring in a little more than 1,000 people during the three performances — something Maynard says hasn’t happened in a while for a community theatre production, and is something the theatre is extremely proud of.

Maynard told the Knox County Civic Center Authority Board, overall the show was a big success.

“If you look at the bottom line of that show, after we paid our costs out, we made a little over $9,600,” Maynard said.  “And that doesn’t include the amount that we split with Prairie Players.  They made a little over $7,500.  So, [it was a] very well-received production.”

Maynard says he credits the director and all those involved with the casting of the show for its success.   He says they really knew how to cast the right people that included a mix of locally known talent and new talent.

The current Red Carpet Series will have two in house productions that Maynard says he thinks after seeing the success of Guys and Dolls will do quite well.

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