Knox County Board Approves Raffle Ordinance Changes

7-23-14 kcbThe Knox County Board has approved a measure that essentially brings oversight of a popular method of fundraising over to local control.

The County Board Wednesday night approved a change to the county’s raffle ordinance, allowing for poker runs — charity events involving motorcycles traveling from facility to facility.  The measure was approved on an 11-0 vote, with County Board Chair Greg Bacon abstaining due to his involvement with the motorcycle awareness group ABATE.

Any organization hosting a poker run must apply for a raffle license with the county, and pay a flat $25 fee.  County Clerk Scott Erickson says he tried to make that fee graduated, but state statute doesn’t allow for it.

Overall, Erickson says he’s seen a significant uptick in the issuance of raffle licenses, due in part to increased regulations, and video gaming, among other things.

The County Board Wednesday also approved pay raises for exempt county employees, the percentages of which are equal to what county union employees received.  Members also approved a professional services agreement with engineering firm Hermann and Associates so that they can design work to be done to improve a portion of Knox County Highway 4; and they approved the County Landfill trading in used equipment for a new backhoe, and will spend $99,000 for the purchase of a used pan scraper.

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