Roseville Probes Cannabis Cultivation Center

Although applications have not even been accepted by the state of Illinois, one company is making efforts to educate the public about medical cannabis.

Salveo Health and Wellness, LTD has expressed an interest in locating a cannabis cultivation center in Roseville. The company took time Tuesday night to answer questions about the product and discuss the potential financial benefits to the Roseville community.

Andy Huston’s land is where the facility would be located. He says there would be economic stimulus in Warren County from the business.

“In my lifetime, I’ve seen my classmates, I’ve seen family members, I’ve seen all types of people that had to move out of this area to get good paying jobs,” says Huston. “We’re hoping with doing this we can help bring people back and keep people in this area.”

Should Salveo be awarded one of the 20 or so cultivation licenses by the state, 30 to 50 full-time jobs would be created. The application process is considered to be competitive in that specific district. The cultivation centers will follow Illinois State Police Districts and will be heavily monitored and regulated.

The preparations are being made as part of the implementation of the state’s “Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program” Act.

Salveo CEO Alex Thiersch says they’ve met with many local elected representatives.

“The industry itself is very advanced,” says Thiersch. “You’d be blown away by some of these. The consultant that’s coming in to help us build this in Colorado, their facility is absolutely mind-blowing.”

Salveo Health and Wellness, LTD says they would donate a portion of their profits to the Roseville Community, or perhaps apply a voluntary tax.

While some of the jobs would be agriculturally based, many of the jobs would be for 24/7 security. The facility in Roseville planned for the products cultivation is anticipated to be about 10,500 square feet.

Roseville residents asked questions on the federal government’s involvement as well as potential research opportunities out of the facility.

Salveo Consultant Scott Selinger says banking is also an issue that’s being addressed.

“Right now it is largely a cash based business,” says Selinger. “However, [Salveo] is going to be cultivating, they transport, it’s their job to get it to the dispensaries, to the outlets, and we’re not talking about the outlets, so there’s no transaction that’s going to happen at this facility because we’re going to be transporting to the dispensaries.”

Applications will be accepted by the state of Illinois in the fall. Because the cannabis product requires three months of growth, the company says they would anticipate delivering the substance to the dispensaries around the state sometime in the spring of 2015.

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